Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Send Email using Dynamics AX

I have been away from blogging for a while because DAxing kept me occupied round the clock. I will try and add as many posts as i can while im having a short break. To get us started we need to create a class that we can later consume in this demo to show how we can achieve this goal.
Among other things your class should be able to check the validity of the email provided, check for templates if you are using any then lastly it should send the message.

Now that was the easy part, we can now explore the easier parts of this demo. Go to 
System administration >> set up >> system >> Email-parameters

Configure your parameters as required.
Next configure your batch server and email batch as shown below.
System administration>> set up >> Batch group
System administration>> set up >> Email Processing>>Batch
Organisation administration >> Set-up>>Email templates
Now all our configurations are ready.
Now for the easiest part of this walkthrough, create a job to test the email functionality from DAX. I'd be glad to help further!

Happy Daxing

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