Thursday, July 12, 2012

Error Importing In Dynamics AX 2009

Implementations can be very stressful sometimes especially if the seemingly simplest of tasks seem to take you forever to get sorted. I had a junior consultant who ran into such a scenario in one of his implementations. Consider a case where you are taking on data, thousands of lines from your Excel, to your Dynamics AX 2009 application. After successfully importing the transactions but perhaps noticing you made some mistake in your import, you modify your Excel and try again and BANG........!!!

Dont worry!! This requires a small fix!

Step1: Select the definition group that you are trying to import and click Table Setup

Step2: Go to the 3rd column, Import status, and change from imported in total to import. Save and close the form

Step3: Click import on the Data import/export definition group form and click import

there you go, all data is imported

Happy Daxing My Friends!!!

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